Welcome to FUGI

Future Generations International (FUGI) is a Non-Governmental and Non- Profit making organization actively committed to Multi-Sectoral Socio-Economic Development in the following areas:
  • Poverty Alleviation Activities in Rural Communities, with emphasis on Agricultural Development, Capacity Building and Micro- Enterprise Development by Rural Groups.

  • Human and Physical Environmental Development

  • Community Health Education including HIV/AIDS Campaign and

  • School Health Promotion and Development of the school child

Recent Videos

Client 1 Measles Control: success in the balance

FUGI is on health promotion and development; and an expert in childhood immunisation advocacy.

Client 2 GAVI: Saving Children's Lives

A survey by FUGI has indicated that GAVI is helping save children's lives.

Client 3 Civil Society's role with GAVI

GAVI Consortium assesses the eligibility and involvement of CSOs in immunisation and health systems.